Adrian lived in his own little world. That much was obvious to anyone who watched him. Sometimes, though, he’d let you get a little peak into his world. And if you were truly lucky, he would deem you worthy enough to open the doors.  Sometimes so widely, that you’d get sucked into it completely. Not that you minded; if Adrian thought you deserved to see his world, you wanted to be there and didn’t want to leave. And you quickly learned that he only shared that world with people he knew would love it as much as he did.

I was one of those lucky ones that got completely enveloped in his world. He led me through the labyrinth of his mind and I was a willing disciple. I quickly realized that I understood that mind because our minds worked the same way. We do what we love with passion; share it with those who share our passion, and do it for the sole reason that if we didn’t, it would destroy us.

Working with Adrian creatively was like no other experience I’ve ever had. Being able to tap into the eternal fountain of knowledge and wisdom flowing from his mind was fascinating and I was his willing pupil. His work was not finished. There was so much more he had to give to the world. His spirit, his drive, his passion, his vision is undying and will live on; if only within the heart of his student as I attempt to continue without my mentor, my friend – my brother.

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  1. O30th Team

    We will always remember his passion and dedication to the art of filmmaking.

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