All Hallows Eve | Official Trailer

An unhinged director leads an amateur film crew through his secluded childhood home in an effort to recreate the disturbing events of his past. Under the watchful eye of the director’s demented father the crew must uncover the family’s hideous secrets if they are to have any chance at survival.


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All Hallows Eve | Promo Trailer

20 years after a tyrannical maniac terrorized his family near Pearl Lake on October 30th 1988, the so-called events of “missing people” begin again. Oldest son, Ethan Pearl and brother Jacob intricately select a cast of stars (Jade, Heather, Gene, Milton, & Crew) in an attempt to produce a Pearl Lake horror film based on their traumatic childhood. While location scouting and rehearsing, the group encounters several unexpected turns and a crazy man who terrorizes them. Ethan leads Jade down a perceived path to safety, but when she continues to search for answers, she realizes this isn’t an ordinary film, or an ordinary director.

©2015 Absolute Complete Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Twitter: @Oct30th_Film

Special Feature | Exclusive Interview | Marie Josee Dionne

A feature with actress Marie Josee Dionne on her experience with All Hallows Eve

Special Feature | October 30th

A dedication from the cast and crew of October 30th | All Hallows Eve to their fallen hero Adrian Gabrylewicz. The actor passed away 33 days before his Big Screen debut. All Hallows Eve | October 30th makes its World Premier on ITunes 06/16/15.


Behind The Lens | All Hallows Eve

An inside look at some of the more challenging shots during the production of All Hallows Eve.  Seen in the footage is actor Adrian Gabrylewicz weeks before he passed away.

Behind The Lens 2 | All Hallows Eve | More Mess

Some mobile tricks of the trade used by the October 30th production team during the first installment of the film.

A Tribute for Adrian

This special tribute was played on the premiere date for October 30th | All Hallows Eve.
The feature includes intimate moments with lead actor Adrian Gabrylewicz and his experiences on set with the crew of October 30th.

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