104 Mins.  A group of adults on a film excursion in the woods are systematically hunted by a maniac and his family of cult-like followers.  Starring Ariella Arbus, Adrian Gabrylewicz, Ryan Byrne and Dylan Cook.  Written and Directed by Ryan Byrne, the first in a horror franchise called “October 30th”.  The film had it’s North American release on VOD July 16th, 2015.

20 years after a psychotic episode in Pearl Lake on October 30th 1988, the so-called events of “missing people” begin again. Oldest son, Ethan Pearl and brother Jacob intricately select a cast of stars (Jade, Heather, Gene, Milton, & Crew) in an attempt to produce a Pearl Lake horror film based on their traumatic childhood. While scouting and rehearsing, the group encounters several eery mishaps and a tyrannical maniac. Ethan leads Jade down a perceived path to safety, but when she continues to search for answers, she realizes this isn’t an ordinary film, or an ordinary director.

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