Every saga has a beginning…

October 30th is a film series consisting of three psychological thrillers directed and written by Ryan Byrne.  The films are subtitled All Hallows Eve (2015), The Lady In White (2018) and Devils Night (2019). The first film has been distributed by Gravitas Ventures Inc and produced by ACE Studios.

The series and it’s companion films aim for a 2019 completion date.  The plan for all three stories to unveil a new twist in the October 30th saga is high on the priority list for ACE Studios.  Each film in the series has plans for special extended editions released on DVD after their respective VOD releases. While the films follow their own storyline, a series of book’s being developed will plot new elements, include some additions to and deviations from the source material.

Set in the eery woods of Pearl Lake, the series follows heroine Jade Miller as she and a group of victims embark on a quest to stop the Pearl Family, and thus ensure the safety of the town and those around them from a deranged cult leader, schizophrenic Ethan Pearl. Brothers Jacob and Ethan continuously blur the lines between good and evil as they claim innocence from the scandals surrounding missing people in the town of Clear Water Falls. Meanwhile, The Lady in White, a deep town mystery, covered up by the citizens of Clear Water Falls, is being dug up by a group of teens searching for answers about this all to familiar date, October 30th.

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